Our Team

Laz Ball


My name is Laz Ball and I have a passion for cooking. I love everything about it – from the ingredients used, actually cooking and baking, and the technology that is constantly being created to enhance it. 

Just a few years ago I wouldn’t have had half of the technology that so many of us use in the kitchen today. That’s why I love the food industry so much – it’s always changing and evolving. 

While the quickly changing food industry excites me like nothing else, it can also be difficult to keep up with. This is what influenced me to create Food Loves Tech in the first place – so I could keep everyone updated on the newest technology and advancements in the world of cooking. 

I hope that there is something on our website that excites you and gets you eagerly cooking. I think that food should always be a passion project instead of a chore, and I am working to get more people interested in this fabulous foodie hobby.


For more of my work, check out my posts over at dwellure.