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How To Clean A George Foreman Grill

What is the best way to clean a George Foreman Grill? Let’s review this by looking at the different types of grills.

Not all Foreman Grills are created equal and some require special cleaning techniques; however, there are certain cleaning methods that will work no matter the model.

What Not To Do

There are a few different ways of cleaning your George Foreman Grill, but let’s start with saying how not to clean your George Foreman Grill.

People have tried cleaning their Foreman Basic Grill using a scouring pad.

This is a big no-no, resulting in scraping the non-stick coating right off of the grill, thereby effectively ruining it.

Also, another thing you shouldn’t do is submerge your whole grill unit into a sink full of soap. This could damage the heaters. You will find YouTube videos of people giving their basic grills a bath.

Except for removable plates, we don’t recommend this. Grease needs to be scrubbed from the grill with a brush or sponge. Avoid using soap as it may damage the finish.

The Three Methods For Basic Grills

Cleaning the basic grills can be done in a few different ways. The safest and easiest method for you will be the one you choose out of the three.

Method One

The grill should be unplugged after use. Using your non-metal tongs, place a wet paper towel ball in the still-hot pan.

Take care not to burn yourself as you wipe down the hot grill surfaces to remove grime and debris.

This method is useful for cleaning between the ridges. As the grill cools, you can enjoy your meal.

Then, wipe the inside of the grill with a soft sponge dipped in mild soapy water, making sure to wipe the edges where fat has accumulated.

After wiping with a clean sponge, rinse the area with only water to remove any soap residue.

Wet a sponge and wipe the outside of the area. A dishtowel can also be used to dry the grill.

Hand-washing the drip tray in soapy water and rinsing it afterwards is an effective way to clean it. The drip tray can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Method Two

Put about three layers of damp paper towels on the bottom plate and close the lid while the grill is still warm, but not very hot. In addition to loosening the food particles and char, the steam will also help to remove odors.

With a soft sponge and mild soapy water, clean the grill when it has completely cooled down. Rinse it inside and out with only water and a sponge.

Method Three

Before cooking on the grill, line the grill with parchment paper or aluminum foil. In order to protect the top plate, you’ll need a piece large enough to cover both the bottom plate and your food.

In doing so, you’ll prevent any food particles from accumulating on the grill plates. If any liquids or debris spilled onto the plates, you can wipe them with a wet sponge after the grill has cooled.

Just toss the foil or paper after the grill has cooled.

Advanced Grills With Removable Plates

Advanced Grills With Removable Plates

Panini presses and advanced grills have removable nonstick coated or ceramic plates. Submerging removable plates in a sink of warm, soapy water can easily be done to clean them.

Soak them for a few minutes to loosen food debris. Use a soft sponge to scrub them. After rinsing and drying the plates, place them back on the grill. Do the same with the drip tray.

Both ceramic and coated removable plates can be washed in the dishwasher. All of the plates on the Advanced Grills are sized properly to fit in a dishwasher’s bottom shelf.

A drip tray may also be inserted into the dishwasher on the top shelf.

In order to avoid cleaning, these plates can also be lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper before cooking.

Dry the exteriors with a dish towel after wiping them with a wet sponge.

Premium Grills With Broiler And Interchangeable Plates

It is possible to clean the premium grill in the same manner as the advanced grill, using warm soapy water or by placing the removable plates and drip tray in the dishwasher.

Nevertheless, some reviewers claim that certain plates are difficult to clean, especially waffle plates. According to reviewers, the batter sticks to the grooves on these plates.

For this, you want to be sure to apply cooking oil or butter to your grill or waffle plate before using it. Place them in warm, soapy water in the sink for an hour after cooking.

After that, you can put them in the dishwasher. You can use your plastic tongs to loosen stubborn food debris. Take care not to scratch non-stick coated plates.

By hand washing with soapy water and a soft sponge, you can clean the griddle plates, muffin cups, and baking pan pretty easily.

For things like brownies and cornbread, we recommend using paper baking cups lined with parchment paper to line the muffin plate.

Cleaning the broiler element on top is not recommended. Although we believe it is fine to completely cool the unit and then wipe the reflector clean with a damp paper towel.

To clean the exterior of your grill unit, use a soft sponge and a towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean The Outside Of My George Foreman Grill?

Make sure the grill has cooled and isn’t hot to touch, before using a damp cloth to clean it.

How Can You Clean A Sandwich Press?

If you’re dealing with just a small amount of food in your sandwich press, you may be able to get it clean by just using a damp, soft cloth.

Is There Any Special Equipment You Can Use To Clean Your George Foreman Grill?

Sponges are made especially for cleaning the George Foreman Grill. They are soft and have a nylon scouring pad on top.

They are sized to go in-between the grill plates of the basic grill plates and are easy to clean.


This guide should have explained all the different types of methods you can use to clean any George Foreman grill or any other grill that is similar to it.

Whether you own the most basic or most advanced grills on the market, you can now do some lean, mean, clean grillin’!

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