Best Panini Press

Best Panini Press

Panini are some of the most delicious forms of sandwich around, and, as is only right, they have become a hugely popular food, not just in the States, but the world over.

Invented in France in the 1890s, this sandwich sensation then spread to Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and so on.

These days, the panino is so beloved that people are bringing panini presses into their home kitchens, so they can have a taste of this French fancy whenever they please.

If that sounds like the absolute dream to you, you’ll no doubt be interested in purchasing one of these machines. There are a ton of different models to choose from, which is why we have created this buyer's guide to help you decide on the best panini press for you!


Elite Gourmet EPN-2976 2-in-1 Nonstick Panini Press & Indoor Grill, Opens 180-Degree Gourmet Sandwich Maker, Floating Hinge Fits All Foods, Contact Grill with Removable Grease Tray, Stainless Steel

Looking for a panini press that can do it all? Then the Elite Gourmet might be just what you are looking for. It can do so much more than simply toast your sandwich!

We wanted to find a way to make delicious homemade grilled cheese sandwiches without having to dirty an entire kitchen. Enter the Elite Cuisine Panini Press & Grill!

We were not disappointed. This thing cooks like a dream. Whether you want to feed a crowd, or just yourself, this unit does it all.


  • Great for storage — It is small enough to store away easily.
  • Very reasonable price — Considering how versatile this grill and panini press is, this product is practically a steal.
  • Great warranty — If something were to go wrong with your Elite, the warranty protects you.


  • Less than floating hinges? — Doesn’t toast quite as evenly as you might hope.

Our Final Thoughts

We're happy to say that this press more than delivers. Not only are the grilled cheeses this product makes amazing, but they take next to no time too!

You can look forward to trying your favorite grilled recipes with this panini press!

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George Foreman Rapid Grill Series, 4-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Black, RPGF3601BKX

Easy to put together, easy to use, and looking great all the while, this George Foreman grill is the stuff panini dreams are made of.

The George Foreman Grill has been around for almost 30 years, so you know that this panini machine is tailored to make the perfect grill for anything!


  • Very useful drip tray — A very understated part of any quality panini press setup, a good drip tray makes it easier to dispose of all that excess grease that builds, making it much easier to clean. And the tray on this one is particularly good!
  • Fast-acting grill — With just 90 seconds being all it takes to get this amazing grill up to heat, you'll be cooking up your favorite grilled foods in no time!
  • Residue and grease are a pain to clean up — Make sure to clean up your panini press between uses. Otherwise, you'll be scraping away and cleaning this press for ages after using it, especially if you want to avoid any nasty-tasting grease from the last time you used it!

Our Final Thoughts

We loved using this grill as it gets us into the kitchen without having to start the stove. After using it several times a week, we can confirm that this is an incredible piece of kit to have for those rainy days when you want to grill.

Plus, it heats quickly and evenly, and the ability to clean it easily is worth every penny. Overall, it does what it says it does, and then some.

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Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1

If multi-function is the aim of the game when it comes to the best panini presses on the market, then Cuisinart's 5-in-1 griddler and panini press has to be one of the strongest contenders!

The Cuisinart Griddler is a great machine for a number of reasons.

For starters, it has several features that make it easy to use and versatile. The grinder is not loud like some other brands and makes nice slices and cuts.

If you want to make sandwiches, pizza, or bacon, then this is a great choice. And, of course, there's the panini press function.

You can choose how many plates you would like to cook on. While the price may seem high, you get what you pay for. It is a quality piece of equipment that does exactly what it says it will do.


  • Multiple plate functions — With over 5 different cooking functions, you'll be struggling to decide on what way you want to cook your food tonight!


  • A little higher priced than most — This is certainly a little on the expensive side for panini presses, especially compared to the others on the list. Still, for so much functionality, how can anyone complain about those extra few dollars?

Our Final Thoughts

It's easy to clean and has great features like a movable lid, which makes cleaning easier than other models. While the price may seem high, you get what you pay for.

It's arguable that, with so many extra pieces and features that allow you to cook any way you want, the price was actually quite reasonable! With five different ways to cook your food, it's entirely possible to prepare an entire meal with just this press!

Overall, it's a great press, and we love it!

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IMUSA USA Electric Stainless Steel Panini Press with Adjustable Temperature Settings and Nonstick Plates, 1200W

Whether it's for a party with plenty of guests, or just for using for yourself at home.

If you're looking for a press that can heat fast, and won't ruin your food whilst doing it, then Imusa’s Panini maker is just the ticket for any grilled sandwich situation!

Being fast and easy to assemble and use, the panini maker is the sort of tool that any kitchen can benefit from.

Being able to make a good meal in no time flat is definitely something we can all use from time to time.


  • Non-stick surfaces — This handy little design makes it easy to clean the top and bottom of the grill of any excess grease that might otherwise ruin your panini press. Just make sure you keep it clean between uses!
  • Quick heat-up and cooking time — With only 6 minutes needed for this grill to get to cooking temperatures, and only a few more to toast your sandwiches, you won't have to wait around to get your toasted goods!


  • Size only appropriate for smaller sandwiches — If you're looking to cook something more sizable, such as a quesadilla or calzone, you might want to look for a larger model.

Our Final Thoughts

This panini press has made some awesome grilled cheese sandwiches for us. It is easy to use and clean. The stainless steel construction is pleasant looking and durable too.

It works great and has been holding up really well, which is arguably the most essential feature that you want in a good panini press!

Overall, this is a great product that we can easily recommend to anyone looking for a new press for their sandwiches.

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Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid, Opens 180 Degrees for any Sandwich Thickness (25460A) Nonstick 8' X 10' Grids Chrome Finish, Medium

The Hamilton Beach panini press works perfectly for making delicious panini, as well as other types of sandwiches.

It has a large surface area, which makes it perfect for cooking larger items when that real hunger strikes. The lid locks securely into place, preventing spills. There are no holes in the lid, so there won't be any messes when you remove the lid.

The unit is extremely sturdy, and the nonstick surfaces make cleanup a breeze. The machine also has a built-in timer, so you don't have to worry about overcooking your food. This electric panini press is definitely one of the best purchases we've made.


  • Sturdy build quality — Great for those hectic kitchens that get a little crowded at times, where someone seems to be running into someone else. Just make sure to find a good corner to store it in!
  • Fast cooking time — A sandwich can be prepared in just 6 minutes, with the in-built indicator turning green when your sandwich is ready to be taken off the heat. How's that for efficiency!


  • Non-Stick, not built to last? — We have heard issues that the non-stick surface can wear down after repeated usage of this press, which might be off-putting to those who want their kitchen gear to last.

Our Final Thoughts

It is astonishing just how quickly this press can be assembled. Being up and running in less than 30 minutes makes it ideal for pretty much anyone looking for a press in their kitchen.

Especially if they're a little on the impatient side.

The instructions were clear and straightforward. There were no issues with the assembly process. We used it today to make med-veg panini for our lunch.

They came out perfect. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality panini press.

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Brentwood Compact Dual Sandwich Maker, Non-Stick, Black

Are you on a budget, but also looking for a way to make a great panino too? Want a panini press that can be easily stored and tucked away for another day?

Brentwood solves both of these problems with their super affordable, non-stick, compact sandwich maker!

This is the perfect piece of cooking gear for a small household or apartment, especially students in shared abodes that want to enjoy more than just a frozen pizza.

With the Brentwood Panini press, you'll be able to whip up a grilled panini sandwich easily in minutes.


  • Quick cooking turnaround — You won't be waiting around long to taste that grilled goodness!
  • Incredibly affordable — This is a press that lets anyone enjoy the pleasures of cooked and grilled sandwiches. Perfect for those on a very tight budget.
  • Easy storage — The small size of this press means that it won't be hard to find a place in your apartment or house to store it.


  • Limited extra functions — No extra bells and whistles come with this panini press. If you're looking for extra functions that come as part of your grilled sandwich press, this might not be the product you're looking for. 
  • Relatively small — The easy storage of this product comes at a price of size. It may not be the best piece of equipment to cook foods other than sandwiches.

Our Final Thoughts

There isn't much else to say about well-relied upon products like this.

It's easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store too, which could definitely be a bonus if you are in a small apartment. After using it for several months to prepare meals, it's hard to find any major criticisms with this press.

It might not have every bell and whistle that some other higher-end presses have, but simplicity isn't a flaw, especially if you know what you want from your press.

All in all, a highly recommended purchase for panini lovers on a tight budget!

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Breville Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press, Silver

For a reliable name when it comes to panini presses, you can't go wrong with Breville. And their non-stick panini press is perhaps one of the most reliable models out there.

Breville has been making homeware for 90 years, so they know a thing or two when it comes to what you'll need in your kitchen, and this panini press is no exception!


  • Large surface area — The huge grilling plates on this panini press make it great for cooking and pressing in bulk. With a little careful placement and the right bread size, this press can cook 2 or 3 sandwiches at a time.
  • Efficient floating hinge system — The Panini Duo is built to apply the right amount of force for the perfect level of crisp.


  • Ribbed surface on one side only — If you want to get that perfect panino look on both sides of your sandwich, you'll have to flip it halfway through cooking.

Our Final Thoughts

The Duo worked like a charm straight out of the box. The food came out perfect every time.

We also like that there are different cooking surfaces available, as well as four different heights, which makes it easier to cook according to what size pieces you want to cook. 

We love that it has a cord wrap to keep cords off the countertop. The floating hinge is great, and it keeps the lid from falling down while you're cooking. The nonstick surface made cleanup a breeze, too.

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Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press, Silver

Have you wanted a panini press from Cuisinart but have found some of their options a little more on the expensive side of things?

Cuisinart seems to be aware of the gap in the panini market they can fill, and have released the GR-11 as an answer to those wanting their high-quality cooking gear at a reduced price.

Though you won't be able to tell where they have saved money, given how excellently this panini press works!

Designed with the professional quality of their other cooking equipment, you'll be able to serve up some of the best pressed and grilled food you've ever tasted with the GR-11!


  • 3-in-1 functionality — Whether it's grilled, toasted, or pressed, you'll be able to cook your favorite foods the way you want them!
  • Great non-stick utility — The non-stick surface of the cooking plates make cleaning this press easy, ready for the next great grilled meal.


  • Fewer features than its bigger cousin — Those looking for the most cooking options with their panini press might not be satisfied with the 3-in-1 features of the Cuisinart GR-11.

Our Final Thoughts

Having the ability to easily grill your own hamburgers and steaks is always a bonus in any household! We recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable way to enjoy their favorite foods.

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Buyer's Guide

Whilst you are out there looking for the perfect panini press, here are a few things that you'll want to keep in mind:

Best Panini Press


One of the most important factors that will probably determine your purchase is the size of the press itself.

You will need to ensure that you get one that is big enough to fit whatever size item you intend to cook. For example, if you plan to cook large items such as burgers, then you will need something that will be capable of handling these sizes.

If you're planning to cook smaller items, you may be better suited to a smaller model.


Although panini presses are usually some kind of metal, what type of metal varies from model to model. This means that if you are looking for something sturdy, then maybe a stainless steel panini press will be better suited to your needs.

However, if you are after something cheap, then a cheaper aluminum panini press may suit your needs. Either way, these factors should all factor into your decision-making process about which panini press to buy.


Obviously, when it comes to a panini press, you want it to be able to do just that: To make a great panini.

But many models also function as indoor grilling stations, ovens, and even espresso machines! Yep, there are quite a few panini presses that are actually multipurpose appliances.

Is this Swiss Army Knife approach to panini pressing something that interests you? If so, then keep an eye out for some juicy extras!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Panini Press?

A panini press is generally used to create sandwiches by placing ingredients between two slices of bread and then pressing them together to make a hot, flat sandwich. This process creates a very tasty treat that is often referred to as a panini.

How Do I Choose A Good Panini Press?

There are many different types of panini presses, including manual models, semi-automatic models, and fully automatic models.

To find the best one for you, consider the tips in our buyer’s guide, and think hard about what you want yours to be capable of.

Our Wrap Up

When you decide which panini press is right for you, you’ll need to consider several factors. For example, you should think about how frequently you will be using it, whether it will be used primarily for making sandwiches, and whether you prefer a manual version or an automatic model.

You should also determine whether or not you want to invest in a panini press that includes multiple functions such as a toaster oven, pizza stone, or waffle iron.

Once all the little decisions have been made, you’ll be guided directly to the perfect panini press for you, then it won’t be much longer until you’re tucking into a delicious sandwich. Enjoy!