Best Milk Frother

Best Milk Frother

If you are a fan of coffee, then you’ll almost certainly have looked at getting your own milk steamer. This will quickly and easily get your ordinary milk nice and warm and foamy, perfect for adding to your cappuccino or even having in an Americano.

However, going to the coffee shop first thing in the morning is not always easy or accessible, this is why you might want to invest in a milk frother right in your very own home. If you like velvety milk that is thick and will give you plenty of flavor, then we would recommend getting a milk frother.

Having warm milk is very comforting, so you’ll need to make sure that you have the very best when it comes to functionality and battery life. You won’t want your milk frother to run out of juice when you are halfway through making yourself a hot drink.

So where can you find the best milk frothers? What materials do you need to have to give yourself the best quality of milk? How can you be sure that it has all the features you need to properly froth your milk? How much will you have to pay for a decent milk frother? Will it last you?

Well, if you want the answer to all of these questions and a lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading this article. We have compiled a list of some of the best milk frothers that you can get on the market. We are looking at them in terms of price, how durable they are, and how good they are at frothing your milk.

Best Milk Frother


Bodum 11870-01US Bistro Electric Milk Frother, 10 Ounce, Black

This first milk frother is a great compact unit that will fit in nicely with any kind of home décor that you can imagine.

This comes with hardened glass that is microwavable, so you won’t have to worry about it shattering or breaking when you want to warm up your milk quickly and effectively - introducing the Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother.

This is a great device that you can use to quickly blast your milk. If you want your cappuccino in the morning before you go to work, then you’ll need to make sure that you have everything that you need for a decent cup of joe. You can warm up your milk in next to no time at all with this steamer.


  • This is a small yet effective jug that you can use to quickly get your milk boiling hot. If you are in a rush in the morning, then this one is perfect.

  • This comes with plenty of room so you can brew up quite a lot of milk in one sitting. If you like a big cappuccino in the morning, then this is the one for you.

  • This comes with a very sleek design with an automatic shutoff, which is just perfect if you want to dash out of the house and you leave it on for whatever reason.

  • This is great for heating up one cup of milk at a time, which is great if you are getting a specific measurement for each family member.


  • This might be a little too capacious for anyone who is just looking for a milk frother that can warm up a single cup of milk in the morning.


Next up, we have a very sleek milk frother that is made from stainless steel, coming in a very tall design that will give you enough milk for more than one person.

This comes with a silicone spatula that you can use to sieve out the milk, allowing you to separate the foam from the hot milk itself - introducing the Electric Milk Steamer.

There is a power button on the bottom that will allow you to heat the milk to the right temperature, with another button that will allow you to whisk the milk inside. If you like your milk heat to the exact right temperature, then this is the milk steamer for you, as it will let you control all the elements.



  • This might be a little too heavy for some people, so if you are struggling to lift things, then you might want to get a lighter and more compact unit.


AEVO Milk Frothing Machine, Automatic Electric Milk Warmers and Foam Maker, Dishwasher Safe Detachable Pitcher, Milk Steamer and Frother, 4 Modes for Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, and More

This next milk frother is probably the coolest that we’ve ever seen, coming in a small pot with a separate stove that will heat the whole thing up. All you need to do is add your milk or your milk and chocolate and press the heat button until it is adequately boiling.

This comes with only a few easy-to-understand buttons to get your contents warm or boiling - introducing AEVO Milk Frothing Machine.

This comes with auto-switch-off features that you can be sure will heat your milk or coffee within an inch of its life. This comes with a super silent running operation, meaning that it won’t wake up your family in the same way as a kettle or a saucepan will. This will heat a lot faster than other devices that do the same.


  • This comes with magnetic frothing which is quick, hassle-free and great for getting your milk ready in no time at all.

  • This will fit in nicely with even the smallest of kitchens, it is a very compact unit that comes complete with its own stove.

  • This unit is very sleek, coming in black that you can be sure will blend in with both modern and antiquated decor.

  • All you have to do with these buttons is press them once to have your milk frothy. This is perfect if you are looking for something that is easy to understand.


  • This might be a little too expensive for some people, so make sure that you are fully dedicated to warming up your milk on a regular basis.


RATRSO Milk Frother,Electric Foam Maker Stainless Steel Milk Steamer with Hot&Cold Milk Functionality Automatic Foam Electric Milk Warmer Silent Operation for Coffee, Latte, Hot Chocolates, Cappuccino

This milk frother comes in a large cylindrical design that can hold a lot of milk at any one time. If you are looking for a decent size for you and your family, then this is one of the largest and most versatile milk steamers that you can get.

If you want velvety, warm milk at the touch of a button, then this is the steamer for you - introducing the RATRSO Milk Frother.

This container is made from stainless steel, meaning that you can heat it up efficiently and clean it just as easily. The parts of this milk frother are also dishwasher friendly, so you can clean them quickly with zero effort at all. This heater is also completely safe to use, coming with an auto-killswitch function.


  • This comes with a quick frothing function, and with a huge volume, this means you can whip up a lot of hot milk in under a few minutes.

  • You can easily whip yourself up a warm latte very quickly. This is great if you just want to make a solo cup for yourself in the morning.

  • You can cook up many different types of milk for different drinks, whether it is a cappuccino, a latte or a mocha. This comes with a lot of different settings.

  • You can clean this one easily and quickly, which will help with your hygiene and cut down on cleaning time.


  • This is another very heavy unit which will be very difficult to pick up, which will certainly pose problems for anyone with mobility issues.


Befano Milk Frother and Steamer, 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Foam for Hot and Cold Milk, Hot Chocolate, Latte and Cappuccino, Portable 10.1oz Milk Warmer

Next up, we have a milk frother that comes with a 4-in-1 function, giving you the option of 4 different kinds of milk, from light and airy warm milk to dense and hot milk. This is perfect for the coffee connoisseur who likes to experiment with different types of drink - introducing the Befano Milk Frother and Steamer.

This has a large milk capacity, meaning that there’s more than enough for you and 2 - 3 other people.

So if you are a student and you want to treat your housemates to some hot coffee in the mornings, then you can’t go wrong with this one. This is a very well insulated milk frother, with two walls to give you extra warm milk.


  • This comes with an auto switch-off function, which will give you everything that you need for a safe and secure operation.

  • This comes with rubber feet that mean your hot steamer will not slide across the counter and run the risk of spilling onto the floor.

  • You can foam up 4 different kinds of milk with this steamer, which is great for those people who like to experiment with different types of milk.

  • You can easily run this one under the tap for a quick clean, although if you are very thorough, then we would recommend putting it in the dishwasher.


  • This cannot be subjected to outside washing, which might make it awkward to clean for any milk foamers who are in a rush.


FrothBlast™ Milk Frother Handheld for Coffee (Foam Maker) Electric Whisk Drink Mixer for Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate (Black)

Our final milk foamer is something a little different, coming in a wand that you can dip in your milk to foam it independently.

This foamer is extremely powerful, giving you everything that you’ll need for very thick and hot milk without having to wash up any additional cups or saucepans - introducing the FrotherBlast Milk Frother.

If you want to put your milk into the cup and froth it first, then this is the perfect device that will help you do that. All you have to do is jam it into your drinks and wait for it to foam. This does a very quick and efficient job, making it easy on your dishwasher and your cups afterward.


  • This frother is made from solid materials, meaning that it will not bend or break when you are heating up your milk.

  • This comes with a super powerful titanium motor, which makes for an effective and quick steaming.

  • You can get this with a few different options, giving you everything that you need for either thick and dense milk or milk with plenty of air bubbles.

  • This comes with great battery life, so you won’t have to worry about it cutting out when you are whisking yourself a nice cup of hot and warm milk.


  • Too cheap - this might be slightly too cheap for someone who is very particular about the quality of their milk.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are picking up a frother for your milk, there will be a few things that you’ll want to consider. Firstly, the speed at which the milk is frothed will be very important, as will the final consistency and quality of your milk. Here are a few other things that you’ll want to consider:

Best Milk Frother

How Quick Does It Froth Your Milk?

This will be very important to anyone who is looking for that quick milk froth the first thing in the morning. Sometimes people might be in a rush, so it is important that you can get your milk cooked in under a few minutes.

How Durable Is It?

Obviously having a device that operates at high temperatures very frequently will be very taxing on your milk frother, so you’ll need something that can be subjected to high temperatures. We would certainly recommend that you get a milk frother that is made from stainless steel or even titanium if you can find it.

How Easy Is It To Clean?

Cleaning a milk frother can be a pain, but it will be entirely necessary, as you won’t want your milk to congeal and eventually go off. This will not only result in poor hygiene, but it will eventually impede the functionality of your milk frother as a whole.

Ideally, you’ll want a milk frother that you can put in the dishwasher. This will severely cut down on your cleaning time and make it easy for you to wash out while you are at work. You can also have your milk frother ready to go when you come home from work.

Is It An Urn Or A Wand?

A wand will be a lot easier to use, allowing you to warm up your milk quickly and efficiently in the cup that you’re eventually going to drink it in. However, if you want to warm up larger volumes of milk for you and your family, then we would suggest that you pick up a larger milk frother.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Expensive Is A Milk Frother?

If you are looking to get a simple heating wand, then you won’t have to pay much more than a few dollars. You can even get ones that are as cheap as $10, depending on where you look (see above).

However, if you are looking for a milk frother that can heat up a lot of milk in one go for you to serve to you and your family, then we would suggest that you get something that is a bit more heavy-duty. This might cost you a lot more money, with some of the more expensive urns costing around $100.

What Is More Efficient: An Urn Or A Wand?

A wand is a lot quicker, as you can quickly brew your milk in the cup that you’re going to drink it in. However, you will need to supervise the whole operation, whereas an urn will be able to steam your milk to specific settings while you go and do other things.

An industrial milk frother will also be able to heat up larger quantities of milk, which is perfect for a large family setup. This is great if you are looking to make larger cups for you and your partner in the morning too.