Best 4 Slice Toaster

Best 4 Slice Toaster

If you have a large family then two-slice toasters just do not cut it. If you’re getting multiple kids ready for school while your partner needs to leave for work, then it can be painful having to wait for multiple rounds on the toaster before everyone gets their breakfast.

Besides, it is always nice for everyone to get their breakfast at the same time. What you need is a toaster that can do double the work in the same amount of time. Luckily for you, these toasters exist and are very popular, 4 slice toasters have become a favorite around families who use the toaster often. 

However, because these items are so popular there are a lot of fantastic products to choose from, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Because your toaster will be getting so much use out of it on a daily basis, you need to know exactly what sort of toaster you are getting and if it is up to the quality of being used so frequently.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite 4 slice toasters on the market right now and included the pros and the cons of each so you can decide which is the best for you.

But these toasters aren’t the only ones on the market, and if none of them take your fancy then it could still be a difficult task to find the right one, so we’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide that should show you everything you need to be looking for to find your unique 4 slice toaster.

Without further ado, let's get into the best 4 slice toasters on the market today.


Toaster 4 Slice, CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster with Bagel, Defrost, Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, 6 Bread Shade Settings, 1650W, Black

Made from stainless steel, the Cusibox 4 slice toaster not only looks fantastic, but it also has a robust build quality and is made to be long-lasting.

This model also has wide and lengthy bread slots that are designed to center automatically when you put your bread in, making evenly cooked delicious toast by gripping the toast and making sure that every part of the toast is an even distance from the heat.

This toaster also has a crumb tray to ease in cleaning out the toaster., as you can just remove and wash the crumb tray once a week.

The toaster's controls are also very easy to use, it has dual independent control panels so if you just need to cook one or two slices of toast, you won’t have to use the entire toaster and can save on electricity.

Both control knobs come with 6 different toasting settings with 1650W high power that can satisfy any toast taste.

As well as the 6 different browning settings, both sides of the toaster have three different settings, including a button for canceling your toast, a button for perfect bagels, and a button for defrosting. 


  • Stainless steel - This toaster is made from stainless steel, meaning it has a robust build quality and is built to last. It also means the toaster looks brilliant and can fit with any decor.

  • Easy to clean - Because of the removable crumb tray, the crumbs from this toaster can be disposed of very easily. The stainless steel outside is also very easy to clean with a damp cloth or a disinfectant kitchen wipe.

  • Controls and features - This toaster has 6 different browning settings on either side as well as a button for canceling your toast, a bagel setting, and a setting for defrosting.


  • Some quality control issues reported - Some users have reported that their toaster was defunct after two or three uses, meaning that the quality control of these toasters isn't great.

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Krups Breakfast Set Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice 1500 Watts 6 Brown Settings, Defrost, Reheat, High Lift Lever Silver, Matte and Chrome

You may know KRUPS from their world-famous coffee machines, but they also make some really good toasters too, such as the KH734D 4 slice toaster. This toaster also looks amazing with a brushed stainless steel finish and will suit any kitchen decor that you want it to.

It also has dual control panels that let you only use the sides of the toaster that you need to and doesn’t mean you have to waste any electricity when cooking one or two pieces of toast. This toaster is also very easy to clean, with a removable crumb tray for the easy disposing of crumbs.

This toaster has 6 different browning settings so you can get your toast just right. It also has four separate buttons to control how you’d like your toast cooked or what you are cooking.

These buttons include a cancel button for canceling your toast whenever you’d like, a setting for perfect bagels, a defrost setting, and a reheat setting that allows you to reheat toast without browning it further.

As well as these settings, this toaster also features a high lift lever so you can get your toast out of the toaster with ease.


  • Stainless steel - This toaster looks away with a brushed stainless steel finish which also makes it easy to clean on the outside with just a damp cloth or a disinfectant kitchen wipe.

  • Settings and features - The KH734D has 6 different browning settings to get your toast just right and also includes 4 different toasting buttons. These buttons allow you to cancel your toast, cook perfect bagels, defrost bread, and reheat toast without browning it further.

  • High lift lever - You won’t need to struggle or potentially burn yourself when trying to get toast out of this toaster. Its high lift lever makes the removal of toast very easy.


  • Slow toast time - This toaster doesn’t cook the toast as quickly as others on this list, but if time is not an issue for you, then the quality of the toast doesn’t change.

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Cuisinart 4 Slice Toaster Oven, Brushed Stainless, CPT-180P1

If you know kitchenware, you know Cuisinart, they make some of the best quality kitchen appliances and items, and their toasters are part of their high-quality range. Our favorite is this one, the CPT-180.

This toaster also has a brushed stainless steel outside and looks fantastic in a classic toaster style, fitting any kitchen decor you want.

One special feature about this toaster that we love is that the toast slots are extra wide with an extra lift carrying lever, meaning that you can toast thicker bread and it won’t have any trouble lifting it up so you can grab it straight from the toaster easily.

The CPT-180 also has 6 different browning settings and 4 different feature buttons so you can control exactly how you want your toast.

The feature buttons include the cancel button, the defrosting button for any frozen pieces of bread, the reheating button for warming up already made toast, and a button for making perfect bagels.

This toaster is also easy to clean with a convenient slide-out crumb tray so you can get rid of any unwanted excess crumbs easily.


  • Extra-wide slots - This toaster comes with extra-wide slots to fit thicker pieces of bread, and a heavy lifting lever so you can still easily get out the toast that you cook without the risk of burning your hands. 

  • Controls and features - The CPT-180 comes with 6 different browning levels and gives you 4 different features to control the cooking of your toast. These include canceling the toast, defrosting, reheating, and setting for cooking bagels. 

  • Easy to clean - This toaster comes with a removable crumb tray that allows you to dispose of crumbs quickly and efficiently, the brushed stainless steel exterior also makes for easy cleaning with a damp cloth or a disinfectant kitchen wipe.


  • Customer service issues reported - Some users have reported that the customer service from Cuisinart on these toasters can leave a lot to be desired if you have a faulty toaster.

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Sencor STS6072BL Premium Metallic 4-slot High Lift Toaster with Digital Button and Toaster Rack, Blue

If you want a few different styles to choose from then Sencor’s 4-slot toaster has a lot of different designs and colors to choose from at various prices.

The look of this toaster is a bit more modern and different from the other models on this list, it has a large digital interface on the front that shows you which of the nine different browning settings you are on, which means you have even more choice of the browning level you want your toast than most other toasters. 

As well as nine different options when choosing the browning of your toast, the toaster also comes with three different function buttons, one to cancel, one for toasting bagels, and one for defrosting.

This toaster is also practical to clean and store, with a removable crumb tray to get rid of any excess crumbs and a power cable storage space to make it more compact.

When purchasing Sencor’s 4-slot toaster, it will come with an additional toaster rack that can be used to heat up pastries and crispen buns and is a great feature to add a new level to your toaster.


  • Modern look - This toaster comes in a range of different colors and has a very modern look to it, allowing you to choose the toaster that is right for your unique kitchen.

  • 9 browning levels - Sencor’s 4-slot toaster has a variety of 9 different browning options to choose from so you can really control the way your toast is cooked.

  • Toaster rack included - This toaster comes with a toaster rack included in the purchase, allowing you to heat up pastries and crispen buns, adding another level of cooking to your toaster.


  • No dual control - This toaster doesn't have dual control, meaning you cannot just use one or two slots when cooking one or two pieces of toast, wasting electricity.

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Toaster 4 Slice, Extra Wide Slots, Stainless Steel with High Lift Lever, Bagel and Muffin Function, Removal Crumb Tray, 7-Shade Settings with Warming Rack, Silver, Yabano

If your kitchen is more compact and you need a smaller toaster that still has 4 slots then Yabano has the 4 slice toaster that is perfect for you. It has a low-slung design meaning that it could fit into a compact kitchen that other 4 slice toasters wouldn't be able to.

As well as its compact design the Yabano looks sleek and stylish and will definitely fit with any decor you put it into. The toaster is easy to clean with a removable crumb tray, meaning you can dispose of any excess crumbs so as not to cause a fire hazard with your toaster. 

This toaster will also come with a 7 shade browning knob that allows you to choose exactly what you want your toast to look like and cook it to your standards.

As well as the 7 shades of browning the toaster also comes with three options for toasting, canceling your toast, defrosting frozen toast, and a setting for cooking bagels.

Although this toaster is a little more compact than others, it still has extra-wide slots that allow you to cook a variety of bread with no worries about if they will fit or not.

As well as all of these features, Yahoo will also send you a warming rack with your purchase so you can warm your pastries or slightly crispen buns on top of your toaster, adding a whole new level to your toasting.


  • Small and compact - This is the perfect toaster for people with small kitchens who still want the luxury of having a 4 slice toaster.

  • 7 shades of browning - This toaster comes with 7 different shades of browning as well as 3 different control buttons for canceling your toast, defrosting your bread, and a setting for cooking bagels.

  • Warming rack included - Yabano will include a warming rack with your purchase of this toaster, which is perfect for warming pastries and crispening rolls while cooking your toast.


  • Light and flimsy - Some users have complained about this toaster being quite lightweight and flimsy because of its small and compact design.

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Buyer’s Guide

The toasters on this list may not be right for you, every kitchen is unique and everyone likes their toasters to be a certain way. However, you’re still going to want to keep a few things in mind when you are buying a new toaster.

We've put together a handy buyer’s guide that can help you search for the exact toaster that you want and the exact toaster that is unique to you and your kitchen.

Best 4 Slice Toaster


Before anything else, the toaster will be a piece of decor for your kitchen. You are only using your toaster to actually cook toast, bagels and other types of bread around once or twice a day, maybe even three times if you like toast as much as we do.

For the rest of the time that you own a toaster, it is simply an aesthetical piece in your kitchen, so you need to make sure that it is an aesthetic that you like. 

A lot of different toasters will come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are remodeling a new kitchen and want to stick to the same aesthetic, a lot of these companies will do bundles of toasters and kettles that have the same look and color.

The style of the toaster will also depend on the material of the toaster, most toasters are made from stainless steel or metal that will go well with any decor.


When thinking about size with a toaster it isn’t just thinking about the actual size of the toaster, you can get compact toasters that fit nicely in your kitchen and if you have a small kitchen then it may be a good idea to get a smaller toaster.

However, you also need to think about the size of the slots that you are putting your bread into toast. Some toasters will have extra-wide slots to aid the cooking of bagels and larger bread, if you are a fan of larger bread and need a toaster that can accommodate, then get a toaster with a wider slot.

Browning Settings

The browning settings of your toaster all depend on how much control you want when making your toast, normally toasters will have around 6 browning settings which range from warm bread to basically charcoal.

You can get toasters with more browning settings than 6 and some even go up to 9 or 10. Some toasters will even come with a manual or information online about what the different settings look like, as every toaster toasts differently.

Extra Settings

A lot of modern toasters will come with extra settings as well as settings for purely browning toast, the main pair you will likely find on all toasters is the option to cancel and the option to defrost.

However, some toasters will come with bagel cooking options that just cook one side of the slot, and some with reheating that simply warms your toast back up instead of browning it again. These settings will all depend on how you have your toast.

Ease of maintenance

Toasters can be a nightmare to clean, but if you leave your toaster unkempt for a while it can spoil the taste of your toast and the crumbs can even cause a fire hazard.

To help with the ease of cleaning your toaster, it is best to look for toasters that come with a removable crumb tray, this will aid you in getting rid of your crumbs and make the cleaning process a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

The toaster is the powerhouse of the kitchen and does a lot of work at any mealtime, it is also the focal point of the kitchen and acts as a style piece as well as a practical one. This is why it is very important to get the right toaster for you, this will all depend on your taste, both in style and in the taste of toast.